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The tradition reaches blessing palms personally carried out on the XVII w.Tak part of the Mazovia region of Poland how in other regions of Poland, this way and here they were attributing magic powers to the Easter palm. Stuck behind the holy picture was supposed to protect the household from disasters and to provide to household members with the health. When they believed, palms entered the window protected the homestead from a stroke of lightning, and cattle used for driving out for first spring pasturage provided with the abundance of the milk all through the year. P.w church. św. an Anny-jest is a wooden church in the style of the Kurpie region, shored up vertical deskami.Zbudowany by local carpenters in years 1876 - 1882 on the spot former (of r raised in 1789.) of wooden chapel. By the church a wooden belfry is standing for heights of 20 m and the wooden presbytery built in 1880. According to beliefs the tall palm is supposed to provide to children with the long life with the impressive height and the beauty equal of the palm, but the owner.
Around the small church wooden chapels of the way of the cross are situated. In Bald a dozen or so beautiful wooden houses are still situated from the XIX end and at first of the 20th century.
Procession with palms from wooden XIX w.ko the litter to the newly built temple looks like movable colourful forest. The palm of the Kurpie region must contain so-called eternally green plants: twigs of the thuja, of spruce, of box tree, of forest cowberries, of yew tree, with whom the folk medicine is giving healing properties. In the Green Forest the Easter palm has its characteristic, unique expression. They are stamping it both largeness (from 1 to 4 m of the height), way of making (wrapping with flora of the forest stick), as well as rich decoration with crepe paper flowers and ribbons. For building these beautiful, colourful, richly ornamented and tall palms the part of the Mazovia region of Poland is preparing for months. From the hard many-months work real works of art are coming into existence.
Small colouristically selected flowers whom to the illusion they resemble are real, arranged into patterns and authentic formulae. Palms are being carried out from the bar of the hazel or the young pine, oplatując of it with flora leśną-borowiną, with juniper, widlakiem, with box tree, with yew tree. On the part of the Mazovia region of Poland the custom of weaving palms survived in two parishes: Bald and Lipniki.Ogromna including the merit of the priest of A.Pogorzelski, of parish priest of the parish Bald. In post-war reality a custom of dressing palms up vanished and therefore in the end of years 60 - of the ones they took the initiative to organize competitions for the prettiest palm. Palm Sunday on the part of the Mazovia region of Poland became the element of the legacy of the cultural region to whom the special weight is being attached. The effort and employing authors of palms are staying appreciated during the competition for the Palm Of the Kurpie region.
Every year for the year let us consume companions of the competition of Palmowej.Z Sunday of the year are more and more beautiful and richer. On Sunday palm town Bald on the part of the Mazovia region of Poland is attracting populous crowds of tourists from the country and foreign countries, representatives of world of the diplomacy, the politics, the culture and the learning. Trying to meet this interest a cultural offer was extended transforming from the church celebration and the competition inspection for the great folk event. By the wooden small church a new church was built.
Arriving to Bald it is possible to watch not only a procession with palms about considerable sizes, but also fair of the folk art, performances of folk teams, to taste the dish of the provincial cookery. The performance of the team is letting go Green.
Performance of the team of the Berry.
For gourmets they prepared rejbak (kind of the potato grandmother), beer kozicowe (juniper) and fafernuchy-ciasteczka with the carrot. Amongst products of the craft colourful Easter palms, as well as equally colourful eggs decorated with paints or the bulrush are reigning. ...a also plaited from roots of the pine baskets and cut-outs.

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tereza użytkownik tereza(posts:3868) dodano 03.04.2010 16:04

Wszystkim serdecznie dziękuję za obejrzenie mojej galerii i pozdrawiam świątecznie.

glockerka użytkownik glockerka(posts:737) dodano 03.04.2010 12:05

Palmy rzeczywiście oryginalne. Ta feria kolorów jest już prawdziwie wiosenna.
Tereza, nie ma to jak Wielkanoc w Polsce, no nie?:-)

agata użytkownik agata(posts:428) dodano 02.04.2010 23:49

Terezo, piekna galeria i jak najbardziej na czasie, kolorowo i świątecznie:)
Nawet byłam raz w Łysem. Wizyta była nietypowa, ponieważ byłam w masarni, z której przywiźliśmy przepyszne, pachnące no i świeżuteńkie wędliny. Zapach unosił się w kabinie samochodu całą drogę:) Może to śmieszne, ale nieraz myślami wracam właśnie w tamto miejsce i czuję ten pyszny zapach.
Pozdrawiam i Pogodnych Świąt Ci życzę.

marcowadziewczyna użytkownik marcowadziewczyna(posts:1527) dodano 02.04.2010 11:12

Bardzo na czasie światecznie i wiosennie :) pozdrawiam światecznie :)

sona_dora użytkownik sona_dora(posts:2087) dodano 02.04.2010 08:44

Piękne wprowadzenie w świąteczny nastrój :) Wesołych Świąt Terezo

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1407) dodano 02.04.2010 08:37

Ta galeria pięknie wpisuje się do grupy galerii ukazujących nasze polskie, tradycje.
Piękne palmy ..... a te psiwo - brak słów.
Smacznego jaka i mokrego dynusa.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 02.04.2010 07:25

Klimatycznie,sentymentalnie i świątecznie.
Bardzo oryginalne te palmy.
Dobrze,że jest takie miejsce.
Tereza pozdrawiam-)

margo użytkownik margo(posts:2555) dodano 01.04.2010 21:13

Dla mnie to podróż troszkę sentymentalna. Mój tata pochodził z pobliskiego Kadzidła i ta tradycja nie jest mi obca, choć ja sama w Łysem nigdy nie byłam.
Lubię jednak odwiedzać ten zakątek kraju bo jest niezwykle urokliwy. Pozdrawiam świątecznie.

weronika użytkownik weronika(posts:238) - User deleted dodano 01.04.2010 20:04

Piekne te zabudowania drewniane czuć klimat tamtych lat :) a palmy super!!!

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