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I have sat down in front of the computer once again and I decided that today finally I would decide on some desert.  Going the area through to the west of Hurghady I came across the very interesting form of the area - canyon who had to be remarkable, if he is seen from the middle. I wound myself and I was sure that it will be destination of my most immediate travel; and was, but as it turned out unattainable. From the beginning it didn't go easily, but it is not a novelty, in the end I have even an own heading anywhere stormcloud I will go even into an sunny day.  It is such a kind of the bad luck attached permanently, as the badge on the shoulder. Every straight activity you are carrying which out every day, in my case becomes complicated to borders of the possibility. This way so walks were full of safe passages for pieszych... ...bezpieczne elektryczne... wiring ...bezpieczny leaving of osiedla...
...i obligatorily safe roads!  To it pioruństwo almost I ran observing the desert, fortunately somebody cautiously fastened a white-yellow piece of cloth on indeed rare in this area stick, and probably for her the rustle at the last moment pulled my attention because it did the misfortune without. It was a close shave. World was full of portentous trailers, but I ignoring everything I prepared my short expedition. The plan was quite simple - I am hiring the Jeep, with evening I am going into surroundings of the canyon, I am staying overnight on the spot and early in the morning I am getting kilometres of rock corridors. Of course at the realization of the first point a problem already appeared.  It is easier probably to rent the camel than the Jeep without the driver. In spite of supporting the Arabic friend didn't manage on time to settle of indispensable means of transport. I had to settle for Lancerem Mitsubishi, who to particularly a field car neither he didn't look nor he wasn't it. It was bright, that my journey had just turned at least partly into the walking version. First efforts of assimilating with the local environment of drivers caused positive results - fine for „ ” nonmanias of belts.  Politely I thanked men and I returned to a hard task of integration. After winding kilometres on meter 500 after Hurghadzie and desert asfaltówkach I was ready: elbow behind the window, Arabic music on maximum, turned off with night of the light and even on checkpointach no longer stopped me. Only I didn't still speak Arabic. In the day of the planned expedition, in the morning I decided to examine the possibility of the journey to the canyon, because I had no certainty that it is generally speaking possible.  I jumped into the quasi-jeep and I went. The weather was fantastically sunny, unfortunately 25 degrees of the warmth for tourists an Egyptian February is serving which don't satisfy me, let alone the temperature with night on the opened area.
I travelled 20 kilometres stopping sometimes in order to admire the enormousness of blue hanging right above the head, to draw the breath in lungs huge przestrzeni... ...i if only to chase off desert ravens, to whom the climb of 100 m is verging on the miraculous. I was already quite close the wall of mountains in whom immersed a destination of my travel waited for me when on the other side of the street something pulled my attention. Two buses and some big car stood in the centre of the nothingness.  A few persons spun, and farther I noticed something in the shape of the small desert arena of the fight Ridley showed which Scott in the Gladiator. I could not ordinarily ignore such an association, I turned off sharply and I travelled with run through centre „ raising the ” lawn separating neighbouring traffic lanes into the sky clouds of dust. No stunt performer would not be ashamed of such a manoeuvre, pleasantly so it left I parked in a flash on the other side and with a puckish smile I got out of a car. I took the sunglasses and with sure step I approached the place of the confusion.  For them I went up closer all the more slowly I put steps. When I stopped, there after the smile was already no even shadow, and with only sound it was possible to hear which in suddenly of godforsaken silence there was a clang of tens of reloaded guns. So I stood and I fixed my eyes on eyes about hundreds of police officers on their own shooting range, and for me only one thought walked on the head - whether so that correctly I certainly park? Behind the back I heard the voice, with English in Arabic, then broken.  The police officer was nice and he asked whether I wasn't going to Hurghady because willingly he would take himself. I answered that I was trying to find a way of making contact into tops. He not had a clue about her. Nothing strange, in Egypt people from small small villages are looking for work a few hundred kilometres from the house and here where are working they are only guests, so they have no knowledge about surroundings. I said in 15 minutes for him I would come back. Through this time I found the way whom I needed.
Too well in language alien to oneself so neither I, nor my companion said nobody felt peculiarly self-conscious when Mitsubishi ran to the city.  I didn't also feel self-conscious exceeding the speed limit - I had the own guardian of public order after all:) We reached quite decent high-rise block housing estates, where was stranded in a service flat together with other my police officer. „ was stranded ” is a good word, because apart from the refrigerator, of table and a few kocy on the earth there nothing was.  We drank after a glass of tea, I asked how often he is seeing the family, whether the work is profitable financially, whether water in this part of the city is indeed from Nilu. This conversation built the completely different image of the life of the Egyptian than I brought with myself to this country. After hour and a half we said goodbye and I went to town for the shopping.  As befits the European I started in McDonalds:) The evening on the desert isn't actually coming, he is falling.  In fifteen minutes after fabulous, orange sunsets everything is drowning already in the darkness. I arrived exactly at the sandy route who led around asfaltówki directly to the desert toward tops. I knew that far so I wouldn't arrive I searched for the good space for hiding the car. Leaving him on the view meant trouble. I passed the wooden plate with the warning and on lightings switched off in order to overlook I ran into sands.  After a bit the area swarmed from hills. Well. Before neatly a darkness came up I managed to find the place, which Mitsubishi he could safely stay overnight in. I left the slip of paper behind the pane, that tomorrow I was coming back and information where I stopped, I took the equipment and I moved towards the first bigger hill. I wanted to work out where I am and where then to search for the car. It what obvious in urban car parks here wasn't applicable. I mended the rucksack and I moved toward the entry to the canyon.  In the morning I managed to drive up enough close in order with the telephoto lens can judge what I am facing. By day it looked promising very much. Having this photograph in the memory I moved ahead of myself. The night covered me with its coat. I was surprised with night glow!  It is possible they were to expect, that where there are no glows of cities, and the sky is almost cloudless the moon is shining with full validity, and the number of visible stars is crushing. It was so just. So I cast even a very distinct shadow they went well. In spite of it I can'ted help the impression that surroundings assumed the pallid colour, warm pisakowe of the colour replaced pale greynesses, but the echo of steps not coming across obstacles died somewhere right under feet not wybrzmiewając even.
Terror lightly tapped with finger into my back.  I pushed her and I concentrated on what I can see well I think that I can see. I covered about 3 kilometres all over the area more and more folded. Mountains firmly grew and soon they were supposed to put me away in their own shadow and when this closeness started giving me powers, I heard throaty howling, but then barking in the distance. I froze to the spot. There was this completely unforeseen event. Four dogs smelt me from the distance of almost a kilometre. Remarkable. I sat down on the sizeable stone and I started considering variants of events. After what I had heard I expected rather bigger than smaller dogs.  Sheepdogs which are accompanying highlanders on Turkish Anatolia came to my mind. They are aggressive enough, and in western Africa they are being used for the safeguard of herds against cheetahs. I thought that perhaps it would be possible to enter the canyon through mountains, rather than with valley? At night I could climb, but no longer go down. Rocks are here very brittle and sharp, perfect for suicides. When this way I mused I realized that barking was more and more well-known, and it meant that these dogs here were running! I caught the rucksack and ordinarily I bolted. Situation no matter how a little bit funny, didn't look good at all.  Where am I actually escaping? I don't know where the car is, there are no rocks in order to climb, there are no trees, I am slow, by dogs even very much, actually what am I running up to? Could it be worse? It could... I remembered the inscription on the plate whom I passed. She was it is an information about deep test boreholes on the train potentially oil-bearing - on this area. I stopped panting heavily, it after all didn't make sense, I won't escape, and I will still fall into some large crater and he will be limited to it. I turned leaning hands against knees.  I looked hard. On the platform from whom recently I ran I noticed the dark moving shape. It is likely that imagination played it for me on the nose, but in that situation the mind, the intuition and instinct again unanimously recognised that however bieganie... made sense. I reached the route by whom I left the car in the distance of half a kilometre from the place in whom he stood Mitsubishi. What too bad luck. Okay, that at least I knew whether I had him after my left whether for the right side. I decided that it would be shortest of tails of the kilometre I could see which still happened. Probably never, getting any car in, I didn't feel such relief like then.  I realized that having the stand at my disposal, I wouldn't give the knife blinding the flash and small advice two, not mention four dogs. Fighting in such a place, immobility on one's own and cells meant the lack of the reach losing a lot of blood and most most probably death. Already half of return road to the city, when I felt most more probably the adventure gave me sie it is actually enough trivial. However I remembered next time to have foresight more. Such a decision can be useful. Canyon still czeka...

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nata14 użytkownik nata14(posts:1093) dodano 02.01.2014 20:49

No, kurcze .Dajesz czadu . :)))

pablo87 użytkownik pablo87(posts:561) dodano 14.08.2013 21:54

Opowieść zaje..sta mocno się podobało. Pozdrawiam

tama użytkownik tama(posts:3003) dodano 28.01.2013 11:18

Nerwowo było... a ta psina to czyste niewiniątko ;)

raptorek użytkownik raptorek(posts:350) dodano 27.01.2013 00:20

Dzięki Wam za komentarze, postaram się specjalnie wyskoczyć gdzieś na szybko, żeby galeria była pretekstem do opowieści ;) Może do Poznania na zlot już we wrześniu? :P

skuza użytkownik skuza(posts:4121) dodano 26.01.2013 23:51

Chęć poznania innych ścieżek,bywa czasami niebezpieczna.....gratuluje odwagi:)))Pozdrawiam:))

annuus80 użytkownik annuus80(posts:1361) dodano 26.01.2013 23:29

Przez moment zmroziło mi krew w żyłach.
Rewelacyjna opowieść.
Daj znać jak już wydasz jakąś książkę. Chętnie przeczytam.

nola76 użytkownik nola76(posts:6768) dodano 26.01.2013 23:19

Masz dar do pisania:) opowieść mega fajna i bardzo wciągająca:)

afrodyta użytkownik afrodyta(posts:4219) dodano 15.09.2011 21:10

Imponująca galeria, wspaniałe opisy.

raptorek użytkownik raptorek(posts:350) dodano 26.04.2010 23:19

moneeq - żona namawia mnie na książkę ;) na razie kończy sie na opowiadaniach. Dzięki za wpis.

watcher użytkownik watcher(posts:1927) dodano 26.04.2010 19:47

Kanion , pole minowe .. zastanawiam sie co bedzie dalej.
Historyjka bardzo wciagajaca.

moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 24.04.2010 20:29

za markiem50..... masz dar do pisania. dar nieprzecietny

hana użytkownik hana(posts:198) dodano 14.04.2010 16:58

Świetnie opisana przygoda. Gratuluję!

marek50 użytkownik marek50(posts:771) dodano 14.04.2010 16:00

tutaj podobnie jak w poprzednim, z tym ze opowiesc jeszcze ciekawsza. Tego typu galerie lubie najbardziej i wcale nie musza zawierac wtedy fotografii na najwyzszym poziomie.

raptorek użytkownik raptorek(posts:350) dodano 30.03.2010 01:49

Pole minowe zaliczyłem sam, ale w hotelu zostały dzieci mojej siostry - obiecałem im wakacje. Basiarka w domku pisała pracę doktorską. W Hurghadzie byliśmy razem, ale na nocną eskapadę Basiarki nie zabrałem, zbyt dużo niewiadomych i dobrze jak widać. Basiarka zdecydowanie woli czytać opowieści grozy niż w nich uczestniczyć :)

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 29.03.2010 13:20

Też ciekaw jestem czy Basiarka i młodsza część rodzinki wspierała Cię w tych wyczynach ?

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 29.03.2010 10:38

Czyta się super. A tak bardziej przyziemnie, to ciekawa jestem jak Basiarka reagowała na te wyprawy ;)

donita użytkownik donita(posts:75) dodano 28.03.2010 17:15

mozesz smialo napisac "Przewodnik z dreszczykiem "... czyli gdzie diabel nie moze tam Raptorka posle ....:-)))
Powiesc znakomita

raptorek użytkownik raptorek(posts:350) dodano 28.03.2010 16:03

Kinga akurat czytam "Pod kopułą" :)
Książkę chętnie bym napisał, tylko komu by się to chciało czytać? Swoją drogą ograniczenie do 600 znaków na komentarz bardzo utrudnia konstruowanie takich opowieści. Jak mam wenę potrafię się rozszaleć ;)
A kondycji Konwalio nie mam, szczęśliwie dzięki wakacjom i swojej zdolności do katalizowania problemów, okoliczności ją czasem na mnie wymuszają ;)

wmp57 użytkownik wmp57(posts:2282) dodano 28.03.2010 15:35

Twoje to teksty, czy cytaty z Kinga? :-)

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 28.03.2010 15:01

Niezły dreszczowiec.
I tak Cie podziwiam.
Mnie to by te psy rozszarpały na amen.Musisz mieć niezłą kondycję.
A swoją drogą to zacznij pisać książkę.

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