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The Dachtstein massif is built of limestones.  On his area numerous karst forms are appearing, m.in. two caves: Rieseneishöhle (Ice) and Mammuthöhle (Woolly mammoth). Here two systems of cableways are, from whom one being in the North is leading the massif to Ice Caves and for the Krippenstein peak (2109 n.p.m m.), however the other system is leading for the Hunerkogel peak. Very travel by the wagon of the queue is already providing with unforgettable impressions. The highest peak of the massif, Hoher Dachstein, 2995 m is reaching the height. Under the peak at the c 2700 m level on the glacier extensive ski areas exist, ski lifts, routes to going in for the cross-country skiing Hallstattersee seen from above.
In transit to the Krippenstain platform with a view.
Krippenstain beauty spot. Consecutive stage pdróży - Gjaidalm. Gjaldam is a place, in whom it is possible to rest, to eat the tasty meal and to set off for pedestrians with trail into the way forward. On Daichstein hillsides a few for pedestrians trails are directing, and more experienced tourists can spend a night in local cabins. Grazing horses are doing the remarkable impression at the over 2000 m level.
Dachstein region, it is a Mecca for narciarzy.Zim ą on the area entire of this area to use it is possible from the nearly 170 km of routes...

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konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 27.03.2010 09:03

Te zółte kwiatuszki przypominają mi swojskie jaskry.
Ale się nie znam.
Piękny masyw górski.

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 26.03.2010 21:51

Czy wiecie co to za kwiatki na zdjęciu 11. Ciekawe co tak kwitnie w sierpniu w tych górach. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 25.03.2010 21:33

Wysokie góry zawsze mają nieodparty urok i jakiś magnetyzm.
Moje ulubione fotki w tej galerii to 1, 8, 13 i 14.
Śmigłowiec nie wygląda na ratowniczy. Mam nadzieję, że nikt nie spadł?

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