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In transit to Hallstatt it is absolutely necessary to visit biggest ice caves on World - Eisriesenwelt. In order to reach caves one should reach the Werfen small town, and then very winding and to be guided by a steep incline to the car park.   

In the distance Hohenwerfen Stronghold. Panorama of surroundings. From the car park on foot we are reaching the ticket offices, and then on cableway we are running into higher parts of mountains. Extremity of the road to caves.
Entry to the cave. The first thing which is blatant by the access to caves, it 30 - one-metre long wall ice, towering over the maze of caves and corridors.  This fairyland filled up is entire with very beautiful forms about pastel colours. Unfortunately in the cave he/she is applying to the total ban of doing photographs.  You must believe to the word the view of ice sculptures is washing the breath in the breast!!! The inside temperature all through the year doesn't exceed 0 ° C, but water leaking through cracks in the vault immediately are freezing.
Werfen panorama. Lonely, bald tree:)) In the Salzburg Alps, on the mountain Hallstatt See lake he exists one of stalest in the history, not only of Europe, but also the entire human civilization, Hallstatt settlement, owing its coming into existence to the salt get here out of 4000 years. Marktplatz, it is a cetrum of the city. Narrow small streets, zamkięte for the road traffic, what it is possible calmly to examine the small town thanks to.
As almost as in Venice:) The lake has 8 km of the length, the about 2 km of breadths, but his depth are coming up to 135 metres. 

Hallstatt is laid on the west edge of the container.  However his edge is so steep that the railway line was constructed opposite. Tourists coming by train are a hard time facing by ferry to the city.  As can be seen it is possible also to use the own transportu... middle Finish saying nice, wooden facades with balconies colourfully decorated with flowers.
Fruit trees planted in this way are a characteristic and typical view of the small town. Holiday destination on the lake. Future Olympic athlete?
One there is a salt mine from atrakcjii Hallstatt in the Salzbergu valley. The cableway is going to Rudolfsturm (Rudolf's tower), where it is possible to admire surroundings from the terrace.
It is possible to reach Salzbergu also on on foot, with two mountain paths. Rudolfstrum, built tower in 1284 r by Rudolf and. In crooked zwierciadle... Secret sculptures met in transit to kopalni... ...a also inhabitants of these surroundings. The entry to the historical mine is laid at the over 800 n.p.m m level.  Tourists touring mines, zakładadają colour protective clothings.
Man in the salt it is a main topic of a salt mine in Hallstatt.  Longest on world mining slide, underground, mysteriously lighted salty lake about the area 1,400 m 2 and the room shimmering with brilliance of salt crystal are only some attractions of the mine. A show is one of attractions the światlo and sound. A fact that in this historic mine, still a salt is escaping is a curiosity. Downward slope with wooden slide, it is a compulsory item of a programme.
End of the tour.  The queue is going for the surface of the earth.

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gabi użytkownik gabi(posts:2463) dodano 23.11.2015 21:45

Bardzo ciekawa galeria, skorzystam z Twoich wskazówek, bo Hallstatt i okolice są moim letnim marzeniem,

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2223) dodano 09.11.2012 16:56

Ciekawie i pięknie-nie widziałam tej galeri,jakoś mi umknęła a jest co zobaczyć-pozdrawiam.

wkraj użytkownik wkraj(posts:125) dodano 19.03.2010 23:26

Bardzo ciekawe miejsce, ładnie pokazane.

tereza użytkownik tereza(posts:3843) dodano 18.03.2010 17:16

Piękne miejsce i ciekawa galeria.Pozdrawiam:)

quanity-dwie użytkownik quanity-dwie(posts:31) dodano 18.03.2010 14:40

Pesteczko, dziękuję za miłe słowa. P.S. Mogę Cię uspokoić. Obok zjeżdżalni są schody! Z tego co wiem, nikt do tej pory w kopalni na zawsze nie został...Pzdrawiam.

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 18.03.2010 13:13

Bosko! Góry i miasteczko - super. Świetne kadry. Eh, posiedzieć przy takim domku nad jeziorem ...
Rozumiem, że jak ktoś nie chce zjechać drewnianą zjeżdżalnią w kopalni, to mu "życzliwi" pomagają :)
Teraz już wiem, dlaczego rozdają stroje ochronne: żeby ktoś później nie świecił gołą .... jak mu się spodnie potargają podczas zjazdu :))

pipol użytkownik pipol(posts:8817) dodano 18.03.2010 10:33

Niezły ten taras widokowy.

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