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View on the beginning of the massif of the Falcon from the Sokolicy hillside by whom he is constructing the trail to the Large Owl In the massif of the Falcon one can see the ski lift boarding houses by the ski lift Looking at the end of the massif of the Falcon, a massif of the Mountain is visible the Overlord and buildings in the small river View on the Goat's Saddle from the crossroads by the Hostel Owl by the trail leading for the peak of the Large Owl During the road for the peak of the Owl a fog through whom the sun broke appeared.  Till the peak already nearby Peak of the Large Owl with the characteristic tower with a view, whom according to just enough are opening the newest news reports between godz 11, and 13. Into Saturdays and Sundays from 10 - 16
Panorama of the Department of Michałowski from the weir on the Badger's Hill (blue signs from the peak of the Owl), slowly we are reaching the pass for Walimska. Peak of the Large Owl seen from reaching to the Pass Walimska (blue signs).  This view was photographed on the trail after the exit from plunging the area Department Michałowski seen from the Way Of an owl one of stalest sowiogórskich of trails leading from the Pass for Walimska to the Glinno village and farther not far from Michałkowa Zagórza Silesian (blue signs) Massif of the Large Owl, view from the Route Of an owl behind the Pass Walimska (blue signs from the Pass of Walimska)) Mountain about Jasio's name visible from the Way Of an owl by the descent to the Glinno village (blue Signs from the Pass of Walimska) First, a little bit blurred Glinna buildings, unfortunately the weather was szaro-bura, and and the day came to an end, and of course so I forgot about the stand there is this last photograph from this trip.  Damage, because alone going through Glinno and farther to Michałkowa is full into quite pretty views and of course cotton to devote a little of the time for very flooding in Zagórzu. 
(Blue signs) the Trail is leading by his edges and in the centre a Zagórza is ending Silesian. From this place to the castle being situated on a hill above the centre a Zagórza is constructing the trail

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hana użytkownik hana(posts:198) dodano 28.03.2010 20:33

Ładne zdjęcia, najbardziej podoba mi się 12. Pozdrawiam :)

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