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The description comes from the article of Lucyna Dowdo of the editor of the Vilnius Magazine 

No idea still aroused so much emotion and controversy, she didn't evoke so much amusement and indignation, she didn't provoke this many anecdotal situations, what park-muzeum created by the Viliumasa Malinauskasa businessman of the Soviet legacy consisting mainly of monuments to leaders of the revolution. When before over ten years on Lithuania they started on a large scale knocking down socialist realist monuments and sculptures, a question arose, what to do with them?  They counted up about 50 of such monuments and monumental teams. Instead of to scrap them, the Gediminasa Vagnoriusa government in 1998 announced the competition for the idea of developing of the one until recently of collection decorating main squares and streets of cities of leaders and heroes. An old champion of supplies won it, at present the businessman and the millionaire, „ Hesona ” company owner, Viliumas Malinauskas who made a fortune on the processing and the export west of forest fleece. As the place he offered private Grútas wood, distant at over one hundred kilometres from Vilnius and steam to the exhibition from Druskienik. going the area of the park up costs 5 lithiums Everyone who visited the Grútas wood, will agree that the walk in his area is a great pleasure, whereas leaders set in green, stripped of the seriousness are serving as the revolution here so to speak decorative figur... of something in the style of elves, telamons, neptuniums or water nymphs whom other, normal couples often decorate.  Supposedly at one time bogs here not very supporting walks stretched.
The soclandu constitutes the additional attraction wooden building, called the information centre, modeled on a collective farm community centre of post-war years. The inside omnipresent purple, joyful passwords, numerous portraits and busts of leaders.  Under one of portraits sincere position of Iljicz on the terrorism: Courts should not eliminate „ of terror, if we promised it, we would lie to ourselves and other, but to justify it and to authorize, explicitly, without ornaments and the ” falsehood.  we are in favour of organised terror. CzK (Special Committee - przyp. out.) he has the duty of defending the revolution and defeating the enemy, even if his sword from time to time is falling on innocent heads  - is accompanying the leader of the proletariat  iron  Feliks Dzierżyński. On other wall gallery Stalinów. In windows socialist realist stained glass, and from the loudspeaker still a happy propaganda is flying in the style:  Soviet Young people are the luckiest young people of world... . On indomitable leaders it is possible boldly to rock itself, to climb for them up knees.  It is possible to take itself a photo in assumptions of Lenino, to perch on the Kapsukasa head, to sit down for oneself to the ram on wide bars of Stalin, it is actually possible everything apart from destroying exhibit items. The Lithuanian called by foreign correspondents the socland is also World of Stalin (Stalinworld), at least more a Leninworld name would fit it, because Stalin here is only one, however Leninów as many as 12.
the impression of the Soviet forced-labour camp is supposed to heighten both enclosing from barbed wire, and „ surpassing the whole, characteristic, painted green of the turret monitoring ”.  All the same this impression is relieving the beauty of the wood.
As a matter of fact adults have the sophisticated sentence to this topic, of whom in is soclandzying won't change.  However it is easier probably to reach the young people of today through the laughter than tears, and with time also through the stomach... A restauracjo-kawiarnia operates in the park, where beside, haughty as a matter of fact, from mushrooms it is possible to order dishes menu from those times - Russian borscht, „ Proszcziaj cutlets consisting in 80 per cent of bread mołodost  ” ( say youths goodbye to ) whether sprat with heads and intestines. Few is of daredevils who are making up their mind on the ones  rarities , and young people are bent already to very their description on the menu.  and did you eat it?..  - are asking children of their parents with undisguised disgust. For you, washing the delicious pork hock down with the beer whether boleti in the cream, in the reply as a rule are only shrugging their shoulders. He looks like the fact that they don't believe themselves, that jedli... From those times it passed some 12 years scarcely, and many things are already diverging into the oblivion. Grútas, admittedly, only the USSR is ridiculing terrible history, but he doesn't let forget about her.

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achernar-51 użytkownik achernar-51(posts:5392) dodano 12.09.2014 14:46

Dobrze, że można to oglądać już tylko w muzeum... Pozdrawiam. :)

mirak użytkownik mirak(posts:270) dodano 11.03.2010 16:49

Zmieniłem znacznik na mapie i wycelowałem precyzyjnie, więc możesz sam ocenić jak to daleko. Ale rower to minimum

mirak użytkownik mirak(posts:270) dodano 11.03.2010 16:44

Nocowaliśmy w hotelu w centrum prawie przy Aqua Parku. Natomiast samo muzeum jest poza miastem około 10 min jazdy.

irolek użytkownik irolek(posts:1008) dodano 11.03.2010 15:11

Normalnosc to pojecie wzgledne i zalezy skad obserwujesz.Nawiasem mowiac ciekaw jestem czy za lat 50 powstanie muzeum "polskiego kapitalizmu".Pozdrawiam

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 11.03.2010 14:59

Borku masz rację: ich szczęście.
Oglądając filmy, zdjęcia oraz czytając o tych czasach powinni (śmy) uświadamiać sobie , że teraźniejsza normalność to kilkadziesiąt lat temu mogła być tylko marzeniem.

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