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Silesian Ząbkowice, similarly to the majority of Lower Silesia cities, he is characterized by beautiful neat rynkiem.Kolorowe, decorated tenements are giving this place a lot of the unusual spell, but definitely to the first plan here a wonderful urban town hall is coming out with the high, slender tower. The town hall was built in years 1862 - 1864 wg. of the A.Langera project from Wrocław. a high tower clock, being a basic predominant feature with a view in the panorama of the city is crowning the Silhouette of the town hall. Panorama of the city and surroundings seen from the Uneven Tower.
Beginnings of the medieval Crooked Tower aren't well-known for the account of the lack pisanych.Nie żródeł it is possible exactly to state when exactly she came into existence and in what destination her zbudowano.Istnieje a few versions about for her coming into existence and the primaeval destiny. The height of the tower is 34 m, but her deviation from the vertical to add 2.14 m.Warto, that during measurements made in 1977 r. for her drawing aside was 1.98 m. It isn't obvious exactly, why the tower surrendered to odchyleniu.Z of documents the żródłowych results. it took place in 1598 r.Powszechnie considers itself, that tectonic shocks, or becoming soggy of ground could be a cause.
Parish p.w church. Św. Annas was built in 1415 r. in the Gothic style. It is church built from brick, orientowany, three-nave, indoor, with the allocated closed three-sided chancel. The chancel and the central nave have network vaults, an aisles have the cross-rib vault. A ząbkowicki lock is a Renaissance building raised in years 1522 - 1532 on the spot of Gothic defensive castle. the New residence contained remains of the old stronghold in itself.
The lock after sieges, storms and damage in next centuries after all was left in XVIII in. The historic building is presenting the so-called condition of the long-lasting wreck. survived main walls of the stronghold with the tower bramną and partly kept bastejami. Supposedly castle subways are in the best position. The picturesque wreck is laid on the high escarpment in the north-east part of the city in the neighbourhood of the park. In the interwar period on the lock a regional museum worked. At present the castle is maintained and conserved as the so-called long-lasting ruin.

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