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Let us start with the legend:
„ a long time ago somewhere in the North found Abyssinia oneself ancient kingdom. In the second half the XII age, in the Roha city being a capital city of this kingdom, for ruling there couple from the Zague dynasty the other son was born. Right after the birth of the boy his mother made a huge swarm of bees out above the cradle of the baby. According to ruling beliefs bees symbolized soldiers paying tribute to the heir to the throne - for future king. 
The child received the Lalibela name what „ of even a bee determined can see in it highest. ” 
The boy grew healthily and happily surrounded with love of parents. However he had the his elder brother with Harbaj name who could see exclusively a competitor for the throne who should fall to him in it, as the first-born son.
When Lalibela achieved the majority and almost he wielded power, envious Harbaj decided to get rid of the rival. He served poisoned drink, after whom Lalibela fell into fatal coma to the brother. When Lalibela roused from sleep, he knew what the rest of his life would pass on. 
Harbaj abdicated for the brother, and Lalibela set about to the realization of the divine imperative. He gathered together the best architects, artists and craftsmen. 40 tys. for over 20 years 11 churches built workers. Legend has it that it helped with construction thousand of angels who at night made after twice such a work, as people by day. When work was already completed, of king Lalibel Saint Jerzy started hitting in the sleep - patron of Ethiopia. He arrived on the white horse and he reproached the master, that admittedly he had built as many as eleven unusual churches, but not a single one didn't allocate for the house for him. 

40 tys. for over 20 years 11 churches built workers.  Legend has it that it helped with construction thousand of angels who at night made after twice such a work, as people by day. When work was already completed, of king Lalibel Saint Jerzy started hitting in the sleep - patron of Ethiopia. He arrived on the white horse and he reproached the master, that admittedly he had built as many as eleven unusual churches, but not a single one didn't allocate for the house for him. 

When the dream repeated itself seventh from the row of the night, the Lalibela king didn't have the exit and he had to forge the twelfth temple. This building showed itself to be most excellent and most beautiful out of everyone. Completed work this way enraptured Saint Jerzy, that horseback he had driven to the temple. Local guides are demonstrating imprints of horse's hooves with pride in the tunnel leading to the church.
The Lalibela king executed the imperative of God, and the Roha city years later was called the name of the king - of builder of churches. ”
Everyone is not having to believe legends, so I am also presenting the more scientific version.  The Christianity found its way to Ethiopia already in the IV century. When an Islam arose, Muslim armies attacked the contemporary duchy aksumskie, as far as in the end surrounded them from every side. In VIII in. n.e. a close of the Ethiopian power, caused by exactly Muslim invasions and inner anxieties came. The capital city of the country was moved then from Aksum to mountainous, unavailable Roha.  
Lalibela king faithful decided in this place to build his religion New Jerusalem. 

Sidi Meskel designed churches - architect arrived from distant India.  Lalibela got the craftsmen best at Jerusalem and the Alexandria and artists as well as he employed 40 tys. of workers who for 24 years laboriously hammered these unique temples in solid rock of Lasta mountains. Faithful they could not go on a pilgrimage to the holy city, instead of it they could visit the Roh.  To today names who are are wearing the current Lalibeli part with equivalents of places in Jerusalem - Olive Garden, Golgotha, even the small river flowing through the small town is called Jordan.
To today here pilgrims are arriving from the entire country so that pray and worship God. Every year the Lalibel is visiting c 50 tys. of pilgrims. The majority from them is travelling by the infantry from distant nooks of the country. The most pilgrims are arriving in Lalibeli during the Christmas and the Easter.

Why churches are put away below the surface of earth?  Probably so that aren't visible for enemies in case of the possible invasion.
Why weren't they simply raised from stone blocks? Probably from the same reason - it is harder to destroy and to destroy the monolith.

Six churches form the first group of churches: Medhane Alem baby's sleeping bag (House of the Saviour of World), Mariam baby's sleeping bag (Maria's House), Danagel baby's sleeping bag (House of Virgins), Meskel baby's sleeping bag (Church of the Saint Cross) and connected with oneself baby's sleeping bag the Golgotha and the Debre baby's sleeping bag Blue (Michael) - Churches of the Golgotha and Mounts Sinai (or of Micha). 

The second group of churches it is connected with oneself K baby's sleeping bag  Gabrielles' ydus - Rufael (House of Gabriel and 安. of Rafael), K baby's sleeping bag  Merkurios ydus (安 House. Merkuriusza), baby's sleeping bag Emmanuel (Emmanuel's Church), baby's sleeping bag Libanos Abba (Church Libanos Abba).
Each of churches is in principle in other style. He is amazing as very detailed and thought over plans of these churches had to be, that pillars were perfectly straight. Here nobody stuck nothing.  Here it wasn't possible to carry the incorrect move out with the chisel.
Relieves are put on walls saint, murals, paintings, images. Some of churches are decorated with low relieves. Counting 700 years of insults on the goatskin introducing Saint Jerzy is into the Danagel baby's sleeping bag (of House of Virgins). All these places live.  With Maja of one's priests and in them masses are being celebrated. Services are held in Ethiopian churches with early morning. When we are touring them churches already emptied from faithful. On one of courtyards we are coming across the group who not yet set off on the return route home. Everyone around the lalibelskich of churches is a clean enchanted beauty in the pink stone.  However walks are most wonderful between them - defeating the maze of small bridges bored in rock of footpaths and stone, getting dark tunnels through, catching the balance on narrow steps leading deep into of solid rock, glissade along steep rock ramps.
At churches often a lot is of steps, passages and rock niches, what the special mystical and secret mood is ruling in them by.
Each of churches is different.  Even windows picked out in walls of temples have different shapes.  I would like to keep an eye on the window with the cross in the shape of the swastika. 

At the bottom one can see the plate announcing the ban on using the flash in the process of doing photographs inside churches. It is of certain kind novelty. A year ago it was still possible to use flashguns. Priests demonstrating crosses looked like persons in a bizarre disguise in sunglasses protecting their eyes from flashes of flashes. Now they look normally. It is harder only against the sharp snapshot: -) Ethiopian crosses are unique.  These are lace works of art.
Every of capital cities before Addis, that is in chronological order: Aksum, Lalibela, Gonder, has the own unique model of the cross. Lalibeli crosses are probably most decorative. With Maja most often shape of tear turned away be are written down into the circle. These all openwork patterns aren't accidental. Each of them is determining something. Rectangle at the bottom it is a link. Bigger crosses on tips of shoulders it is the Holy Trinity. Small crosses on the circumference it of the twelve disciples. Wings at the base are symbolizing angels whom they helped to build lalibelskie churches. A large seven-kilogramme golden cross stolen from Medhane Alem Betas, made eight hundred years ago for the Lalibeli king stayed in 1997. After finding it at Belgian „ of the ” collector who purchased it from the thief for 25 thousand dollars, the cross was bought by the government of Ethiopia and sprang back. Nothing strange however so willingly like at one time isn't already being shown visitors. We didn't see him.
Ethiopian Christians are entering their temples barefooted (seized it, so as well as bowing down, from Muslims). We are also leaving shoes in front of the door of churches in Lalibeli, and they often have for a few inputs. While touring he is happening, that we are entering the church one, and we are leaving with other door. And our shoes are standing in the even row by this second door!  In Lalibeli because masters of ” shoes are „. When already everyone we will come in and we are examining the inside of the church, they are arranging these our shoes for themselves in the little pile on the forearm, they are moving them up to the door, with whom we will leave and they are placing in pairs into the row. 
A certain gentleman set me into the total stupefaction from shoes , who, when I left the church (as 4 - 5 around 20 - of personal group) he bent down and he handed shoes to the hand to me. My shoes. Where from he knew who are mine? Normal flip-flops whom I slid down from feet not stopping even. Do they remember the owner of every pair of shoes?

Gijorgis baby's sleeping bag (安 Church. of Jerzy) - most beautiful of everyone is standing alone at a certain distance from other.
On the flat roof of Gijorgis Betas two crosses are carved, one written down into second. The view on this roof is most beautiful from the top of the nearby hill. Workers at first smashed deep scratches, they cut ditches out in places who constitute bordering stone „ of the ” well. Next they got to grips with rock more and more low, until they reached the level of the courtyard. They widened the courtyard and they got down to forging the facade of the church with windows, porticos, the door, verandahs, columns and all other ornaments. At the end they started all over the short distance sinking a little piece leaving the inside to the temple only bows reaching from the floor for vaults of columns. Then still only decorating a little of low relieves and murals the inside and ready work!
Saint Jerzy's church is forged on the plan of the symmetrical cross and he resembles the tower put to the deep well from solid pink rock.
He is leading the tunnel forged in rock to the church. It is monolith for heights of 15 m, joined to parent rock exclusively at base. Around the entire church four cornices are stretching out - highest, running beneath very roof, is flattest. 
Temples in Lalibeli it is a world phenomenon. Builders of churches were subject at their work to no outside influences, they imitated nobody. In no other country objects of this type came into existence!

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magdalena u篡tkownik magdalena(posts:3646) dodano 05.01.2015 08:41

Takie niedzielne to o 7 albo jeszcze wcze郾iej. Z Aksum wyje盥瘸li鄉y po 6 w niedziel 24 stycznia i widzia豉m bia這 ubrane kobiety zmierzaj帷e do ko軼io豉. W tej galerii http://obiezyswiat.org/index.php?gallery=11165 na pierwszych zdj璚iach wida ludzi w ko軼iele w czasie nabo瞠雟twa (w aparacie mia豉m ustawiony lokalny czas - w Yeha byli鄉y przed 8).
Trafili鄉y w czasie pobytu na wiele 鈍i徠 (Timket, dzie 鈍. Jerzego w Lalibeli...), wi璚 dodatkowych nabo瞠雟tw te troch by這. Generalnie to Etiopczycy cz瘰to 鈍i皻uj. W Lalibeli, kt鏎a jest miejscem pielgrzymek ka盥ego dnia s z pewno軼i nabo瞠雟twa. Obstawia豉bym, 瞠 6-7 si zaczynaj.
W Indiach nie by豉m, ale obejrza豉m w sieci 鈍i徠ynie w Ellora. Rzeczywi軼ie technika budowy taka sama (wykuwanie od g鏎y).

artcze u篡tkownik artcze(posts:201) dodano 04.01.2015 20:03

Jak my郵isz? o kt鏎ej godzinie oni mog zaczyna nabo瞠雟twa? Mnie si ten kompleks skojarzy z innym (oczywi軼ie architektura zupe軟ie inna,chodzi mi o spos鏏 budowania czyli kucie w skale) - 鈍i徠ynie w Ellora (stan Maharashtra,Indie)

magdalena u篡tkownik magdalena(posts:3646) dodano 10.12.2011 19:51

Hanno, mog豉by wskaza ten „bezczelnie zer積i皻y fragment” ksi捫ki Wojciechowskiej? Opisa豉m 24 galerie z Etiopii. 疾by to zrobi przeczyta豉m mn鏀two r騜nych publikacji na temat tego kraju, bo lubi faszerowa opisy wiedz. Ksi捫k Wojciechowskiej te przeczyta豉m. Nie jest jednak moim zwyczajem umieszczanie w opisach do galerii cudzych tekst闚 bez podania ich 廝鏚豉. Przekazuje w opisach du穎 informacji, kt鏎ych 廝鏚貫m s zar闚no opowie軼i pilot闚 w czasie wycieczki jak i literatura, jednak zarzucanie mi, 瞠 kopiuj cudze teksty jest du篡m nadu篡ciem. Pisanie nie sprawia mi trudno軼i i robi to u篡waj帷 w豉snych s堯w. Pozdrawiam, ubolewaj帷, 瞠 Ci dra積i.

hanna u篡tkownik hanna(posts:1) dodano 09.12.2011 17:56

C霩 fotki fajne, Etiopia jest pi瘯na, dra積i mnie jednak ludzie, kt鏎zy zachwycaj si arcydzie豉mi architektury, ale by je skomentowa u篡waj bezczelnie zer積i皻ych ca造ch fragment闚 cudzych ksi捫ek. Skoro Magdalenko tam by豉 mog豉 wyrazi w豉sne wra瞠nia, ale WxSNYMI s這wami. Ciekawe co na ten "plagiat" Wojciechowska....

jurasek u篡tkownik jurasek(posts:360) dodano 11.04.2010 23:28

Magda ! Bardzo ciekawy album, wr璚z wyj徠kowo ciekawy ! Sympatycznie mi si zrobi這, gdy piszesz o 鈍. Jerzym. To przecie m鎩 patron, w Polsce najbardziej zwany jako ...鈍 Jurek. Jestem dumny z niego i dzi瘯uje rodzicom, ze dali mi jego imi. Co za dot. but闚 pozostawionych przed wej軼iem do ko軼io豉 i wr璚zonych Ci przez "pana od but闚", wg mojej wiedzy on wiedzia 瞠 Poznanianka, bo pozna Cie po urodzie ! Daj "dyche" i pozdrowienia.

magdalena u篡tkownik magdalena(posts:3646) dodano 09.03.2010 10:25

Deszczu, podobie雟tw mo積a znale潭 mi璠zy tymi "dwoma 鈍iatami", jak piszesz, znacznie wi璚ej - cho熲y wo造 w charakterze si造 poci庵owej (u Ciebie by造, u mnie b璠). Przede wszystkim jednak 陰czy te kraje podobna bieda i podobna pogoda ducha mieszka鎍闚. Pozdrawiam.

deszcz u篡tkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 08.03.2010 20:50

WITAJ...mamy obok siebie swoje karty tytu這we, mamy dwa r騜ne 鈍iaty obok siebie, a SWASTYKA u Ciebie na 34 a u mnie na 32. To to ciekawy zbieg okoliczno嗆i. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

magdalena u篡tkownik magdalena(posts:3646) dodano 08.03.2010 20:29

Zajrza豉m w豉郾ie do ksi捫ki Martyny Wojciechowskiej "ETIOPIA Ale czat!" (czyta豉m j przed wyjazdem). Odszuka豉m fragment, w kt鏎ym opisuje wizyt w Lalibeli. Cytuj: "Pochylam si i dotykam wg喚bienia w schodku, odcisku ko雟kiego kopyta... Na szcz窷cie." A stoi na jednym z tych siedmiu stopni prowadz帷ych do drzwi ko軼io豉. Jednym s這wem Etiopczycy konfabuluj i 瘸rty sobie z nas turyst闚 stroj. W zale積o軼i od dnia i ich fantazji legendarny 郵ad kopyta zmienia lokalizacj.
A s逝py postawione przez UNESCO stoj i strasz. Mam ca陰 seri zdj耩 z tymi podporami dach闚 (robi豉m je celowo, 瞠by podkre郵i dysonans nowego ze starym). Ale zwyczajnie te s逝py nie pasowa造 mi do galerii. O ile zrobi kadr bez s逝p闚 by這 mi w miar 豉two, o tyle gimnastykowa豉m si przy fotografowaniu wn皻rz ko軼io堯w. Maj tam pozawieszane jakie paskudne jarzeni闚ki, a pr康 do nich doprowadzaj kablami, kt鏎e wisz ot tak sobie w powietrzu. Jakby nie stan望, to dynda w powietrzu na pierwszym planie jaki sznurek. Ja estetka jestem i niestety widz takie 鄉iecie w kadrze. Pozdrawiam i zapraszam serdecznie do kolejnych galerii. Mi這 b璠zie wsp鏊nie Etiopi powspomina.

magdalena u篡tkownik magdalena(posts:3646) dodano 08.03.2010 19:55

Bardzo serdecznie wszystkim dzi瘯uj za wizyt w galerii i za ciep貫 s這wa. Mi這 mi niezmiernie, 瞠 Wam si podoba這:-)))

tereza u篡tkownik tereza(posts:3843) dodano 08.03.2010 14:11

Ko軼io造 niezwyk貫 i bardzo ciekawa galeria.Pozdrawiam:)

porzeczka u篡tkownik porzeczka(posts:344) dodano 07.03.2010 11:26

Magdaleno - prawa autorskie do tej nazwy na O posiada Deszcz ;-)))
Niech, wi璚, Pa雟two Poznaniacy uzgodni to mi璠zy sob :-P
Ja, ze swej strony, mog powiedzie tylko tyle: mam nadziej, 瞠 si dogadacie...
Bardzo polubi豉m nazywanie mnie - " w i t o j a n k " i za powi瘯szeniem
grona tak do mnie "m闚i帷ych" - podnosz obydwie r帷zki!!!
Pozdrawiam Ci serdecznie :))

pedro1912 u篡tkownik pedro1912(posts:460) dodano 07.03.2010 10:48

dzieki twojemu wpisowi zajrzalem do swojej galerii z etiopii i wspomnienia powrocily.
no i z najwieksza ciekawoscia obejrzalem twoje zdjecia z lalibeli. wogole w internecie nie ma ladnych zdjec z tego rejonu swiata. a twoje zdjecia naleza do tych wlasnie.
jak ci sie udalo uniknac obecnosci tych stalowych slupow i konstrukcji wszedzie wchodzacych do obiektywu? chyba ze byly one tylko w tym czasie kiedy stawiano te dachy (akurat wtedy tam bylem). no to moze niepotrzebnie bylem zlego zdania o unesco.
w wersji legendy jaka ja poznalem , a "przesluchalem" kilkunastu miejscowych, kon swietego jerzego, zostawil slad kopyta w miejscu gdzie lalibela mial wybudowac jego kosciol, a wiec nie moglo to byc w tunelu ktory powstal pozniej. i rzeczywiscie, na skale, po wschodniej stronie, w odleglosci okolo 5m od wycietej studni, znajduje sie slad na skale, w ksztalcie takiego kopyta. zrobilem nawet jego zdjecie i slad byl widoczny. czyli , jak to wszystkim wiadomo, legendy zaleza od tego kto je opowiada.

czupur u篡tkownik czupur(posts:303) dodano 07.03.2010 10:32

Pokaza豉 miejsce niezwyk貫. Ciekawe uj璚ia z interesuj帷ym komentarzem ,wida zaanga穎wanie w to co robisz.

konwalia u篡tkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 07.03.2010 10:23

Etiopia jest mi zupe軟ie nieznana.
I jak widz ma takie niezwyk貫 miejsca, jak te skalne ko軼io造.
Czekam na kolejne Twoje galerie z tego kraju Magdaleno-)

margo u篡tkownik margo(posts:2554) dodano 06.03.2010 23:01

Wiem, 瞠 jest tu sporo galerii z Etiopii, ale ja jeszcze 瘸dnej nie zd捫y豉m obejrze. Twoja posz豉 na pierwszy ogie.
Zapowiedzia豉 j chyba u bulla ,wi璚 zaintrygowana tematem czeka豉m z niecierpliwo軼i, bo przyznaj 瞠 bez pomocy wyszukiwarki nie potrafi豉bym zlokalizowa tego miejsca.
Mo瞠 dobrze, 瞠 zrezygnowa豉 z podk豉du bo komentarz jest 鈍ietny i 幢e dobrany podk豉d m鏬豚y tylko rozprasza. Pozdrawiam i tak瞠 czekam na wi璚ej.

beata-zbychu u篡tkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 06.03.2010 20:55

Co niesamowitego nam przedstawi豉 - dzi瘯ujemy i prosimy o wi璚ej.

magdalena u篡tkownik magdalena(posts:3646) dodano 06.03.2010 20:44

Dzi瘯uj Filmdil. A mog Ci moi Etiopczycy znowu 鈍i皻owa? Bo mi tak si podoba這, jak oni byli rado郾i:-)

magdalena u篡tkownik magdalena(posts:3646) dodano 06.03.2010 20:42

No to dzi瘯uj Panie Bull! Opuszczam ju ko軼i馧 Jerzego i id do mojego Jerzego, bo go zaniedba豉m przez t galeri.

filmdil u篡tkownik filmdil(posts:1406) dodano 06.03.2010 20:39

Jest to kolejna galeria z Lalibelli, ale jak瞠 inna. Ciekawie pokazane szczeg馧y architektoniczne i bardzo interesuj帷e opisy/.
Dzi瘯i i czekamy na nast瘼ne galerie z Etiopii.

magdalena u篡tkownik magdalena(posts:3646) dodano 06.03.2010 20:30

Powiedzia, co wiedzia! Da豚y rady co poprawi, to bym by豉 usatysfakcjonowana:-)

magdalena u篡tkownik magdalena(posts:3646) dodano 06.03.2010 20:04

Dzi瘯i 安i皻ojanko (mog? - ja te z Poznania:-) Zaraz b璠 pr鏏owa pozby si zieleni z 40, bo mnie dra積i:-( A Etiopi Was zam璚z (tych, kt鏎zy b璠 chcieli j ogl康a). Jest nieznana i przepi瘯na! Pozdrawiam.

porzeczka u篡tkownik porzeczka(posts:344) dodano 06.03.2010 19:53

Mocno musia豉 ta Etiopia w Tobie utkwi...
Wida w Twoich galeriach, emocjonalny
stosunek do tego, o czym opowiadasz :-))
I powt鏎z: o to tu chodzi! O dzielenie si...

No i wysz這 - r騜owo, brudno-r騜owo, pomara鎍zowo-r騜owo...
Uda這 Ci si ograniczy fiolety ;-))) Gratuluj i pozdrawiam :)

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