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Beginning of the trip of the Log of three Roses from whom the panorama of the Wałbrzych district is stretching new town Forest clearing of three Roses view on the top of a mountain surpassing Wałbrzych to Chełmiec After passing the last district of Wałbrzych of Chamois he/she is adapting to each other on quite flat plain in front of the Monastic Hill.  On the right-hand side of this plain peaks of the Rybnik Back are visible in the mountains Wałbrzych Peak being a forest clearing actually on the peak of the Monastic Mountain View toward the Large Owl, of the biggest peak of Mountains Of an owl Again view on the Rybnik Back, with this time from the Monastic Hill
Again we are looking in the direction of Tops Of an owl. We went down the Monastic Hill and we are descending to the village Female bear shuffling on the road to Zagórza.  It is a view on the Large Owl. A Church is in Female bear from XV into built on the XIII foundations in the building, it is exactly he in the light of the setting sun A Stele commemorating the founder of the church is on a wall of the building, you were most probably it on the Lock in Zagórzu Silesian A small surrounded graveyard is situated at a church with medieval wall it is own on it grave steles commemorating important people and magnates coming from these parties are. After the exit from premises of the church we are going down with asphalt descent, on the way we are passing buildings down Zagórza

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romana użytkownik romana(posts:5222) dodano 14.04.2012 22:39

Fajne widoczki, ale trochę ich mało.
Pozdrawiam :)

pipol użytkownik pipol(posts:9011) dodano 27.03.2010 17:20

Kolega preferuje widać fotki typu "nekrolog". pozdrawiam

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 05.03.2010 08:33

Na kiego czorta te ramki ?

elise użytkownik elise(posts:964) dodano 03.03.2010 08:22

Mimo ze blisko mieszkam, sa to malo znane dla mnie tereny. Skorzystam z podanego przez ciebie linku.

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