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Bojnice it is small 5 tys. city in centre-western Slovakia.  It is located on the river Nitra River, at the foot of mountains Strażowskich, near the Prievidza city. The first written mention of the town comes around 1113 of year and is associated with the settlement localised below the Castle of Bojnicki. A town charter got Bojnice in 1966 r. They are famous for Bojnice from three tourist attractions: 
- of romantic castle
- oldest on Slovakia Zoo
- of thermal sources and the sanatorium. With Bojnic jewel, fairy-tale ” is „ lock think through many behind the nicest and most often toured lock not only on Slovakia, but also in Centre Europe. The castle was built on raising from the calcareous tufa, on whom the medieval castle stood in the XI century.
In the past he was a registered office of the most famous families, in addition with his last owners former members of the Pálfi family. For some time the lock belonged also to the prince of Opole Władysław Opolczyka. At the end of the 19th century count Jan Pálfi commissioned the reconstruction of the entire J object. for Hubert, for architect from Budapest, according to the pattern of locks standing over the Loire. Steep roofs of the palace, the chapel and the tower are picking out the typical shape of the romantic medieval castle. At present exhibitions of the artistic-historical museum are in a castle. It is possible here to see the primitive furniture and artistic objects from the XIX turning point and the 20th century.
A huge collection of antique furniture is in interiors of the castle, of images (mainly of the Pálffych family and the Habsburg dynasty), of china and other objects. A fine interior called the Golden Room is a place worth more accurate watching. Huge amounts of sculptures and an image portraying Turkish Members of Parliament arriving to Venice are in it.
A perpendicular, so-called set of images is one of most unique and precious work altar Bojnicki of the Florentine N champion. di Cione Ortagna from the half of the XIV century. This count Pállfy got the altar in 1874 in the Italia, then it was put in in the Pentagonal Tower, next in the castle chapel, all the way to 1933, when it was transported of it to Czech Prague, where through entire decades it was being exhibited in the Šternberskim Palace. They are saying that this altar gave some strange power and power to its owner, that he lived to a great age. View from castle windows.
A cave is also an interesting place under the castle crag, about the diameter of 22 m and height 6 m, being 26 metres under the level of the IV courtyard.  Bojnicka cave, is smallest made available for touring trawertynową with cave on Slovakia, There are two lakelets who are probably an element of the cave system whom he is continuing in more distant places in the cave. Discovered archaeological finds in the cave are commanding about settling the castle peak already in the older Stone Age.
They are building the rocky foundation of the castle trawertyny whom abounding sources of thermal waters are accompanying.  Beneath the castle they are beating so exactly sources. There also a crater of the former thermal source building the well about the depth of 27 metres who is fleeing deep into from the cave is. Resting place of the last owner of a gentleman of the castle of the Jána Pálffy count, a great lover of the art and the collector of the antique. With saddle leathers a moat is surrounding walls. After the II world war the lock was confiscated by the state.  R rebuilt after the fire in 1950., is available today for visitors. An International Festival of Ghosts and Frights who is being undergone every year at the end is most well-known for the plenty of parties, being held in a castle of April and at the beginning of the May. In this period the bojnicki lock is becoming the meeting place of frights, witches and vampires from the entire world.
Shows of the group of the historical Bojnik fencing and permanent displays of Aquila falconers are other parties who are pulling visitors to surroundings of the castle. A park and a woody park who is supplementing his special scenery constitute an indelible part of castle acreage. Before the entry to the castle he is standing well-known of sześciusetletnia, old Bojnicka lime tree of Maciej's king about the circumference about 12.5 m. Very king who under the utter lie organised different feasts and meetings liked to go to Bojnic reportedly.
In direct surrounding the castle a beautifully put zoological garden is. There is this oldest and most often frequented Zoo on Slovakia. It is possible here to find biggest on Slovakia number of animals, as many as 373 kinds. The Zoo is one of attractions the pavilion of monkeys, the pavilion of elephants, the aquarium and the terrarium. For children an obserwation tower is an attraction about the height of 7 metres, from whom they can go down the skating rink between animals. Bojnickie is a Zoo definitely with place whom it is worthwhile visiting.
And another looking at the lock from the hill of the zoological garden.

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moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 12.12.2010 19:39

zamek jest piekny!

zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 27.11.2010 06:42

Kiedyś tam pojadę.
Piękny ten zamek jest.

hana użytkownik hana(posts:198) dodano 22.02.2010 17:09

stinkfist: masz rację słowackie zamki są piękne, warto je odwiedzić. Ja chyba też tam wrócę w najbliższe wakacje. Pozdrawiam :)

stinkfist użytkownik stinkfist(posts:23) - User deleted dodano 22.02.2010 09:41

Już od roku planuję się wybrac na turnus po słowackich zamkach, może w najbliższe wakacje się uda. Bojnice obowiązkowo trzeba zaliczyc. Śliczna galeria.

sona_dora użytkownik sona_dora(posts:2091) dodano 19.02.2010 22:57

Niektóre ujęcia zamku jak z bajki.... Pozdrawiam

kama_wos użytkownik kama_wos(posts:204) dodano 19.02.2010 21:01

Piękny zamek, bardzo podobają mi się zdjęcia 4, 24, 35-37, a chyba najbardziej 28- super. Pozdrawiam :)

kordula157 użytkownik kordula157(posts:6080) dodano 19.02.2010 19:55

Zamek wyjatkowy a jego wnętrza mogą zachwycić. :)))

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 19.02.2010 19:44

Hana...sliczne miejsce i zdjecia.
Urokliwa galeria.

magdalena użytkownik magdalena(posts:3657) dodano 19.02.2010 17:56

Ładne zdjęcia. Moi faworyci to: 15, 21 i 28. Panoramy 24 też bym się nie powstydziła, gdyby była moim dziełem. Przy 46 buźka mi się roześmiała. Pięknie je ustawiłaś. W przeciwieństwie do słonia bez trąby - zebra bez głowy wygląda doskonale. Pozdrawiam

hana użytkownik hana(posts:198) dodano 19.02.2010 16:51

marioli: na uzdrowisko zwyczajnie zabrakło czasu. Podobno jest to atrakcyjne miejsce.

hana użytkownik hana(posts:198) dodano 19.02.2010 16:49

bull: mam również fotkę w pionowym kadrze, ale skupiłam się na oczętach słoniska.
A pani od skrzypiec chyba miała urlop.

marioli użytkownik marioli(posts:1031) dodano 19.02.2010 16:39

Z trzech atrakcji Bojnic - brakuje uzdrowiska. Nie byłaś, jest nieciekawe, czy to może temat na osobną galerię?

tereza użytkownik tereza(posts:3878) dodano 19.02.2010 15:08

Bardzo ładny zamek,ciekawa galeria .Pozdrawiam:)

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 19.02.2010 14:38

Aby do wiosny. Rozmarzyłem się.
Fajne zdjęcia z wnętrz i "górnego pokładu" zamku.

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