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From the Indian Ocean we are swimming upriver Mandovi... ... to the place who today is a ferry terminal in Old is healing (Old Goa, Goa Velha).  Here Portugueses put up at 1510 and they persevered till 1961. We are landing in Old is healing.  At the leading street from the harbour we are finding the theological seminar and the św church. Kajetana,... ... and in it being interested in an altar of brown marble. We are reaching the Basilica of the Good Jesus (Jesus Boom). Facade of the Basilica Jesus Boom,...
... inside grave in whom the św body is sitting down. Xavier's Francis. Św. Franciszek Xavier, Jesuit, missionary of Asia, patron of Catholic missions, buried in the Basilica Jesus Boom in Goa. And it is most probably św. Antoni - with the baby dressed as the girl to the Communion! We are climbing to the Religious Hill, where we are admiring wrecks of the great complex of the św monastery. Augustine.  Down in the distance facade of the św church. of God's Jan,... ... and here through wrecks of the monastery of Augustinian friars in the distance one can see the top of the facade of the św monastery. Monikas. Altar at the św church. Monikas.
Chapel of the crying Cross at the św church. Monikas. We are going down the hill and heading towards the chair we are visiting the św church. Francis from the Assisi. Inside of the św church. Francis from the Assisi. We will approach the chair. At entering an altar of the Painful Mother of God is paying attention. Next side Marian altar.
Marian altar enjoying the special worship,... ... and before it image Jesus I trust you.  Still we don't appreciate our św. of Blacksmith's Faustin. What other Pole managed to create the icon this way spread and recognizable worldwide? High altar at the department in Old is healing (Old Goa, Goa Velha) The sun is setting behind the facade of the cathedral.  End of the walk after Old is healing. Time for the supper. At present Goa is famous for friendly, uncrowded beaches.  The period of our winter holidays is characterized here by a very stable dry time. Water in the ocean is like balm warm.
Fishing boats on the beach in the vicinity Colva villages. Emblems on boats show that fishermen are Catholics. This chapel is also pointing at it - probably most primitive I could see which.  In the background networks are drying. But it is India.  On the beach a herd of sacred cows was divided. Peace and quiet of sacred cows. Constantly travelling traders of scarves are patrolling beaches.
He looks, that this time tourists will manage to sell something. It is worthwhile going to the half-day trip to Panadzi (Panaji, Pangim) - of State capital.  On the high edge church MB of the Mary Immaculate. The silhouette referring to the chair in Lisbon was supposed to show Portuguese yachtsmen, that they had reached their destination. The centre tower-belfry was built on later. Inside of the church MB of the Mary Immaculate in Panadzi. Bydynek at one of squares in Panadzi. Panadzi.  Such a backstreet one could find in the any country of Mediterranean Europe. Yeah, he can if not for this car of the brand of the Dad. We are coming back to the beach.  They wandered so all day long, but one can't see the tiredness after them.
The dusk is falling on the beach in the vicinity Benaulim villages.  Time to come back from here.

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comments to the gallery (8):

glockerka użytkownik glockerka(posts:737) dodano 17.02.2010 22:45

Na Goa, to nawet krówką mogłabym być.;-)

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1407) dodano 15.02.2010 10:54

Felix - ciekawie sie oglądało.
Czy zamierzasz podzielić się z nami innymi materiałami z kamery, może jakiś filmik tu wrzucisz?

felix użytkownik felix(posts:87) dodano 15.02.2010 09:10

Dzięki wszystkim za komentarze i i wyrazy uznania.
1. nie jest jakoś szczególnie zamglone, ostatnie zdjęcia robione są o zmroku i to kamerą video, stąd jakość nienadzwyczajna;
2. mnie samego jako gościa / widza nużą galerie 50-zdjęciowe, gdzieś około 30-go zdjęcia jestem już zmęczony; dlatego moje galerie autorskie są krótsze.

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 15.02.2010 08:20

Fajny rejon pokazałeś- trochę mało i niektóre zdjęcia jakby zamglone - czy tam tak jest?

kordula157 użytkownik kordula157(posts:5758) dodano 14.02.2010 19:38

Rzeczywiście pokaż nam więcej tego Goa,:))) Krówki na plaży super:)

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2256) dodano 14.02.2010 19:33

Piękne Indie i piękne kościoły/przeurocze wnętrza/-4 ,10 i 36-super-pozdrawiam.

wkraj użytkownik wkraj(posts:125) dodano 14.02.2010 19:24

Twoja galeria pokazuje, że Indie to naprawdę kraj kontrastów.

bulba użytkownik bulba(posts:13) dodano 14.02.2010 19:20

Takie piękne miejsce a Ty tylko pokazałeś nam kościoły.

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