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In conclusion of our meeting sketch from the trip to the Great Barrier Reef. A sortie base is Cairns located in north-east Australia. Here the south tropics, it's very muggy and heat. We are sailing out of the port. We are passing luxury yachts. It is our boat.
You are accompanying the group photographer, underwater also. We are reaching the small pocket, from whom willing can dive. Taaaka ryba... We won't be an only group here unfortunately.  Yeah commerce.
Earlier however we will swim on submarine... ... admiring the rich life of the reef. Personally I swam with the tube and the mask.  I must say the Australian reef isn't bowling over at all so much as if they wanted to expect in comparing to the reef earlier get to know in Egypt. Unfortunately I didn't do photographs, I wanted to survive it live. On the way back we met this sailing ship.
We are sailing into the port after almost an all-day adventure. We are saying our yacht goodbye to. In this basin we chilled our bodies heated up in the tropical conditions. This way here a sally into Antipodes is ending.  Who isn't afraid of terribly long flights and has the essential amount of the cash at his disposal - I recommend the determination.

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Kuranda, Australia
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zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 13.02.2010 13:40

no - wreszcie koniec :)

a tak na poważnie:

wmp57 - Twoja podróż do Australii jest jak ........ okręt pod pełnymi żaglami - ten z foty nr 18
Jeżeli będę miał kiedyś dane tam jechać, skorzystam z Twoich galerii - kawał dobrej roboty odstawiłeś

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