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moving on the archipelago is possible with the help of boats circumnavigating individual islands.  On every boat a guide is looking the group after, showing the real behaviour in the contact with the animals, explaining seen objects, organising due using the time and lightly supervising naughty people. Nowhere on islands I noticed no piece of rubbish, of no empties after water, of no plastic sack itp. things. Boats have the appointed time of the stay in the determined place, monitored by the GPS, so in one place they are only meeting two, three boats, people walking on footpaths aren't disturbing themselves, they aren't entering lens, and aren't crushing animals. crabs are everywhere and not much they are also afraid to come up to people, one for me went the even leg up  Bahas forest Santa yuck He is marking Galapagos Turtle Islands, at one time source of supply into the fresh meat for sailing sailing ships what supplied almost to the total extermination of the kind.  Now thanks to effort of scientists Floreana managed to drop 2.5 thousand of these animals on an island. Centre of Darwin
astonishingly human eyes . indisputable rabbit of sea space - frigates
lava lizards lava lizard Espaniola Espaniola galapagowski pelican heron's galapagowska
flamingoes, paddling in lava lagoons  Bahas forest Floreana Floreana sea lions, fundamental differences between them and with seals relies on the fact that they have the divided back caudal fin what forms kind of a back pair of legs, and protruding ears - what most probably was a base for creating the Polish name for the sea lion sea the lion as the sea lion. Santa yuck
Santa yuck, upiaszczony maluch... Punta Suarez Espaniola and icon Galapagos - iguana.  Every island has its peculiar species of the iguana
the one here it is a sea iguana from the island of Plaza Suras

land iguana from Santa yuck, land iguanas are feeding on shoots of cacti, so they must have the more śpiczasty face for jamming between spikes and shorter claws will be enough. 
sea iguanas are feeding on algae and lichens on stone, lava rocks, where must firmly cling on before waves being mad in the borderland to the ocean and with lava edge. So the more rounded face and longer claws.

Santa yuck  everything under control 
Punta Suarez on Galapagos three species of morons are appearing ang. boobies, the name got down, supposedly, from here completely weren't afraid of people what was a cause of mass slaughter through sailor rabble. the one here it is a masked moron. Punta Suarez Punta Suarez  seagull widłosterna  

Punta Suarez  mockingbird - birdie who enjoyed considerable influence to Darwin and his theory than the famous chaffinch  Espaniola
Espaniola  chaffinch of Darwin  Espaniola galapagowski Santa hawk yuck niebieskonogi moron Punta Suarez Punta Suarez
young albatross crystal about zielonkowatej, for olive colour, creating green beaches on Floreanie green sea urchin transparent waters and fish swimming up to the boat - on Espanioli big stingray in the company of friends flying about below the surface waters 
blue spotted eagle ray 

 and equatorial Pacific Ocean .
a sunset will approach at the Espanioli coast ...no and koniec...dnia...

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baracuda77 użytkownik baracuda77(posts:3570) dodano 30.09.2013 10:00

Fajny zwierzyniec,a 30 petarda!Pozdrawiam

pipol użytkownik pipol(posts:9039) dodano 11.12.2010 15:11

30 powala

swift użytkownik swift(posts:131) dodano 23.08.2010 11:07

Za te ptaki 10, choć nazwy nie do końca prwidłowe

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 31.05.2010 16:17

Piękny zwierzyniec, gratuluję tylu świetnych strzałów :)

pedro1912 użytkownik pedro1912(posts:476) dodano 22.01.2010 09:46

nie ma co sie skrecac. wystarczy chciec. ja konczac prace w biurze tak sobie zagladalem do OS.
i nagle mnie olsnilo ze konczy sie rok a ja nigdzie jeszcze nie wyjezdzalem, Austria i Europa to sie nie liczy
wiec popatrzylem na globus i piatego dnia juz siedzialem w samolocie.
bilet Madryt Quito kosztowal 373 Euro, dolot do Madrytu to drobiazg. tak wiec karta kredytowa i checi w zupelnosci wystarcza.

sona_dora użytkownik sona_dora(posts:2091) dodano 21.01.2010 23:12

Obcowanie z taką unikatową przyrodą musi być wspaniałym przeżyciem, tylko pozazdrościć. Pozdrawiam

ewcik użytkownik ewcik(posts:10) dodano 21.01.2010 22:15

Galapagos to jedno z moich marzen. Te zdjecia nadaja sie do gazety zoologicznej albo Geo.

wkraj użytkownik wkraj(posts:125) dodano 21.01.2010 19:44

Wspaniałe miejsce, piękna galeria. Przyroda bez ograniczeń.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 21.01.2010 18:45

Chciałabym być fregatą na Galapagos....
no może nie z takim zakrzywionym dziobem;)
Pięknie tam.

kama_wos użytkownik kama_wos(posts:204) dodano 21.01.2010 17:57

Piękna galeria...

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 21.01.2010 14:13

Lekcja zoologii na piątkę.

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