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Geteborg is a city the second largest in Sweden. A portowa.Tutejszy district is the most important point of the city a seaport is biggest in the entire Scandinavia. The city was covered at the beginning with XVII w.przez of Dutch, working architects to the order of the king of Gustaw of II Adolf who in this way wanted to make the Swedish trade independent of customses taken by Denmark. He is transformed into XIX w.Geteborg into the industrial city, peculiarly thanks to arrived here merchants from the British Isles. With time many merchants became rich and it allocated the part of its wealths for the development of infrastructure urban. Today's Geteborg with wide avenues, couples and impressing buildings was built at the end XIX in.
Geteborg is an important cultural-educational centre and also a sports major city of the country. It from here comes the best football team, IFK Goteborg. The football team of as many as 18 times captured the championship of Sweden, fourfold Cup of the League, whereas twice Cup UEFA. a registered office is situated in Geteborgu Volvo. An inland connection with Stockholm has Geteborg.
This connection is using Wetter lakes and Wener and rivers flowing the east and the west from them with the help of Channel of Gotajski. Construction of the channel lasted 22 years, and at works it participated 58 tys.robotnik that, including many soldiers. Workers had at their disposal only wooden strengthened shovels with steel. There was this huge engineering undertaking. Since that time in Sweden nothing what in terms of the dash could be put on the same level as the Channel was built with Gotajski. In that period the country needed the new artery joining the Baltic to Geteborgiem.
It walked for simplifying the transport of wood, the iron ore, the food and many other goods. In 1998 r.Kana ł Gotajski they hailed the Monument to World Amphibious Engineering. Gotajski joined the channel to the circle of such wonderful objects as the Statue of Liberty, Golden the Bridge or the Panama Canal.

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tereza użytkownik tereza(posts:3861) dodano 11.01.2013 06:09

Nola76...dziękuję i pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

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Fajni Ci robotnicy na 15... egzotyczni pod każdym względem;)

tereza użytkownik tereza(posts:3861) dodano 22.11.2012 06:54

Martafryka...fajnie,że odwiedziłaś moją galerię.Dziękuję i pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

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Beata-Zbychu...dziękuję i pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

martafryka użytkownik martafryka(posts:1619) dodano 20.11.2012 01:35

...ale ludzi to mają egzotycznych w tej Szwecjii ;))

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 28.02.2010 20:01

Piękna galeria - fajnie pooglądać z palcem po mapie i siedząc na fotelu

tereza użytkownik tereza(posts:3861) dodano 27.02.2010 18:35

Dziękuję Wam za odwiedzenie mojej galerii.Wszystkich serdecznie pozdrawiam:)

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DZIĘKUJĘ za spacer po moich bardzo miłych miejscach. Jak bym tam z Tobą był. Ucieszyłem się bardzo. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 26.02.2010 23:54

Bull...ja tu już chyba nic nie wstawię-(
Nie umiem opanować światła i dopalać lamp.
Mam tylko musztardę!
Gilotynę też;)

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 26.02.2010 23:51

Tereza....mnie się galeria podoba.Udany spacer.

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