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  1. General terms:
    1. These Terms and Conditions of Service set out the principles of using the website at the domain, and its English version at domain – administered by Agencja Promocyjno-Reklamowa sp. z o.o. with registered office at ul. Krzywoustego 72, 61-144 Poznań, entered in the the National Court Register of the District Court in Poznań under KRS number 0000102788 (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").
    2. is a social utility website addressed to persons interested in travelling and photography, enabling them to communicate and contribute to the website. Using this platform, the users (hereinafter referred to as “the Users”) may publish photographs and films from private trips and journeys, as well as exchange opinions with and provide feedback relating to these items to other Users. Information collected on the website may be used to compile rankings and statistics, including those concerning Users' activity on the website, as well as to organize various polls.
    3. Materials published on the website may be accessed by all Internet users. However website functions may be used only by registered Users.
    4. Access to materials published at and to its functions is free.
  2. Registration:
    1. Any person of full legal capacity, irrespective of age and place of residence, may become the User of the website. A person may set up only one account on the website.
    2. To register, the User shall fill in the appropriate form available on the website with: his or her e-mail address, login, password, gender and date of birth; then accept these Terms and Conditions of Service and activate the link which will be sent to his or her e-mail address on a one-off basis.
    3. Upon registration, the User shall be provided with a profile, a collection of the User’s personal data provided while registering or later. The profile is displayed on the website. The User may only have one profile.
    4. During the registration process, as well as after it has been completed, the User may add to his or her profile an assigned graphic file/ photo (avatar) and a description of him or herself. The User may change or delete any data in his or her profile except for the e-mail address, login and date of birth.
    5. The functions on the website may be accessed upon logging in (typing in the login and password).
  3. Galleries and Films:
    1. The Users may publish photo files (Galleries) and video files (Films), named and provided with information as to where they were taken or made (the name of the country and location on the world map) and an optional short description.
    2. The User may publish only materials of which he or she is the author. Galleries and Films are marked automatically with the User’s login every time and he or she is assigned the authorship.
    3. A Gallery may contain from 1 to 50 photographs. The User may submit any number of Galleries and Films.
    4. The company reserves the right to limit the acceptable parameters of photographs and films, in the event of which suitable information will be posted on the website. Under no circumstances may a Gallery or Film exceed 20 MB.
    5. Neither the act of submitting a Gallery or a Film on the website, nor the content of any Gallery or Film, their titles or descriptions may infringe in any way any applicable laws and regulations nor any rights of other persons or standards of decency; the User submitting a Gallery or a Film is in particular responsible for obtaining appropriate permissions as required by law from persons represented in photographs or films to publish their image.
    6. The User may submit a Gallery or a Film and publish additional data referred to in section 1 above by use of the form available on the website. By using this form, The User declares on each occasion that with regard to the materials submitted (photographs or films respectively):
      • He or she is duly authorized to grant the licences and permissions referred to in section 7,
      • Neither the act of submitting the material on the website, nor the contents of that material, its title or description violate in any way the applicable laws and regulations nor any rights of other persons or standards of decency.
    7. Upon submitting the file on the website, the User grants the Company exclusively for the purpose of promoting the website:
      • A perpetual, irrevocable licence to use such film or a photograph as well as the content included in the title and description of a Gallery or Film, if they constitute a work under copyright law, to:
        • As far as recording and copying of the work is concerned - copy the work by use of certain techniques, including printing, reprography, magnetic recording and a digital technique,
        • As far as trading of the original or copies of the work is concerned - introduce it on the market, lend or lease,
        • As far as distribution of the work in any other way than mentioned in subsection ii is concerned - perform publicly, display, show, screen, broadcast or retransmit, as well as provide public access to the work for everyone at a time and place chosen by themselves;
      • Permission to edit the work (a film or a photograph or content submitted in the title and description of the Gallery or Film) as well as to use and administer the edited work to the extent defined in subsection a;
      • As far as author's moral rights are concerned - permission to use the work (a film or a photograph or content submitted in the title and description of the Gallery or Film) without the author's supervision, having acknowledged the author's login;
      • Permission to the Company to grant the above licence to other entities and the permissions mentioned above shall also be effective for those entities.
    8. The Users are not entitled to any remuneration for submitting a Gallery or a Film on the website, nor shall the Users be entitled to remuneration for granting the licences and permissions set out in section 7.
    9. The Users may modify or delete Galleries and Films and additional data mentioned in section 1.
  4. Comments and the forum:
    1. The Users may submit their statements on the forum on the website and add their own comments to every Gallery and Film.
    2. The Users may also evaluate all the Galleries and Films on the website, except the ones added by themselves.
    3. It is forbidden to submit on the forum comments containing any offensive language:
      • in violation of any applicable laws or regulations or third party rights,
      • harassing, defamatory, abusive, obscene, threatening, harmful, profane, sexually orientated, racially offensive or otherwise objectionable,
      • intended for marketing purposes.
    4. It is forbidden to publish on the website addresses and links to websites with content stipulated in section 3.
    5. The company is authorized to cancel all the grades given by the Users if it has been declared that the Users have not been objective, especially if there is a reasonable suspicion that the grades were given to lower or raise the average grade of the Gallery. Any decision taken by the Company to cancel the grades is final and there is no appeal against that decision.
  5. Terms of using the website:
    1. All actions taken by the Users on the website, as well as the reasons for taking those actions, shall comply with applicable laws and regulations, standards of decency and these Terms and Conditions of Service.
    2. The website shall be used in accordance with its intended use defined in the general terms hereof (sec. 1).
    3. Every user shall be fully liable for his or her actions, including the content he or she has submitted on the website and shall indemnify the Company in respect of any claims of whatsoever nature arising therefrom.
  6. The role of the website operator:
    1. The Company provides Users with suitable tools and space on the web pages of the website in order to enable them to use the functions
    2. The Company shall not be liable for Users' actions on the website.
    3. Company may remove submitted material without User\'s consent (a Film, a Gallery, a particular photograph or file posted as an avatar), as well as content published on the forum or in Comments, in particular if they violate the terms and provisions hereof.
    4. In justified cases the Company may terminate the User's profile, in particular if his or her behaviour violates the terms hereof. Terminating the User's profile means deleting his or her personal data from the profile and all Galleries and Films submitted by that User, as well as banning him or her from using the functions of the website in the future.
    5. The company shall make all due efforts to ensure proper and unfailing operation of the website.However it reserves the right to suspend the service temporarily due to technical reasons or reasons beyond Company's control.
    6. The Company may modify the website, as well as close it.
  7. Privacy policy:
    1. The Company uses the Users’ personal data exclusively for the purpose of administering the website. We send to their e-mail addresses only information related to their activities on the website.
    2. In the event of any changes in their personal data the Users should update their profile promptly.
    3. Via our website the Users may notifiy their friends by e-mail about submitting a new Gallery or Film. These e-mails shall only be sent by the Users themselves.
  8. Specifications of using the website:
    1. Full access to the functions at the website requires:
      • an Internet browser
      • activating JavaScript and Cookies in the browser.
  9. Final terms:
    1. These Terms and Conditions of Service are available on our website.
    2. The Company may amend the Terms and Conditions of Service at any time without giving notice thereof.
    3. Any enquiries concerning website functions may be e-mailed to the address: or sent by post to the address of the Company\'s registered office: ul. Bolesława Krzywoustego 72, 61 - 144 Poznań. The letter should contain User\'s login and a full account of the issue.
    4. The Users may resign from having their profile on our website at any time and delete it - the Users have to fill in an appropriate form for deleting Galleries which is available on the website, and then request the deletion of their profile in an e-mail sent from the address at which the profile was registered to the address
    5. The English version of the Terms and Conditions of Service has been prepared with all due diligence. However, in the event of any discrepancy or dispute , the Polish version shall at all times prevail.
    6. The Terms and Conditions of Service and the relationship between the Users and the Company shall be governed by Polish law. Save where the relevant regulations state otherwise, all disputes arising in relation to the use of the website shall be settled by the competent Polish ordinary court.